ITAB is born from the will to promote Italian organic wine. From Veneto to Puglia, passing through Emilia Romagna, we selected the best wines produced according to strict procedures, all respected and controlled to allow the necessary approvals in order to define a wine as organic or natural.

Why choose a biological wine?

Organic wine, and equally natural, is a wine produced according to strict regulations and therefore undergoes continuous controls from the stage of grape production up to bottling. It is born and grows thanks to the true passion of those who collect and select the grape by hand to provide a true, genuine and quality product, obtained without the addition of sulphites and other preservatives, responsible for intolerance and the "famous head circle" , Making the wine good for taste but above all good for health. Wine can only be defined as organic when vineyards produce grapes without the aid of synthetic chemicals (fertilizers, herbicides, anticritogamic, insecticides, pesticides in general), without the use of GMOs and using only oenological processes Authorized by the European Regulation: despite this, set the total sulfur limits for dried red organic wines up to 100 mg / l for dry whites of 150 mg / l, our wines have a sulfur content between 0 mg / l and 27 mg /the.

Ask for a package now and you will know the quality of our products!

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